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About Us...The Design Team 

      Sweet Smackin' Treats, LLC was established originally as Ultimate Baby Cakes, LLC in 2015 after several years of baking and experimenting with many, many recipes in the Hartwell kitchen.  Creating and tweaking recipes became like science lab experiments. 

     Learning to cook and bake as a child was where the training all began.  Being a Sioux chef for my mother and grandmother as they cooked and baked many family dinners sparked my interest in the kitchen.  The passion for cooking and baking continued to blossom even more over the years.  The desire to be a lifelong learner lead me to continue to expand my baking knowledge and continue to grow my sweet palette even more. 

      As the years came and went, my interest in cooking and baking were further shared with my husband, daughter, and son, who, along with my mother, are all a part of the design team.
      Here at Sweet Smackin' Treats, we take pride in providing the best 'Sweet Smackin' Treats' as well as impeccable customer service.  With customized colors and designs, our ultimate goal is to make your next event dazzle with elegance and creativity.
      We are available to cater to your special event. Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, a baby shower,  graduation, wedding, baptism, holiday, corporate event, or just to satisfy your sweet tooth, your delectable desserts will be quite memorable.

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